Pitfalls of Being a Successful/Unsuccesful Writer

Title sound confusing? Well it’s just something I’ve noticed in some amateur writers; this self adulation for being a writer. I made a profile on FB for my Pen Name and that’s as far as I’ve gone (I consider this blog as a separate entity). Oh yeah, and a twitter that I don’t even use.

Some have gone an extra step in hiring someone to build up their rep, before they’ve even finished a plot for a story. Some just get it in their head that they are going to be successful. They are going to have a best-seller.

The problem is when they spend more of their time building themselves up instead of their writing. I like writing this blog because I like rambling and if I had more time to myself, I’d ramble on video (though I don’t sound like a jabbering idiot while typing). Some write blogs expecting to become blogging sensations; ignoring the story they haven’t come up with yet.

I do have some writing to get back to, so I’ll sum it up quick:

Don’t get ahead of yourself; simple.

Happy writing.


X-Mas fun

Two days to Christmas and I’ve thankfully been done with my shopping early this month. Unfortunately, having “free time” hasn’t aided my writing; just so many choices and my mind has plenty to add for each, but I just can’t stick with one. For now, at least. I always get this problem from time to time and I eventually narrow my focus.

Was able to enjoy The Force Awakens and, without spoiling anything, it just feels so right; it is a part of the Star Wars universe, unlike the prequels.

Okay, back to work. Right now it’s modern sci-fi versus regular ol’ traveling through space sci-fi.

Ya’ll have fun ‘n Merry Christmas.


Lack of Progress

It’s around this time of year, where I find myself looking at the progress I’ve made and, as usual, find that I haven’t made much headway. Always something. If it isn’t personal issues, it’s family, friends, or just life in general. To add to it all, there are the distractions that come with the modern age: Telly, games, social sites and… Youtube.

I do find that I manage to learn new things on writing and I’ve upped my typing speed a touch. Still, I need to find a way to buckle down and get things done. I may need to find the time to unplug myself and hide away for a bit; which’ll be hard as balls, with Christmas coming up and, no doubt, the dramas it’ll bring with it.

I think I’ll call it. It’s late (Technically early) and I don’t do well with lack of sleep.

Happy writing.


The Past Come Back To Haunt Me

I would never deny what a huge pack-rat I am, but even I was surprised to find an old story I wrote when I was in my late teens; back when I could churn out a story with full chapters in less than a month. They were terrible or poorly worded, but they came naturally. I sometimes wonder if learning more of the ins and outs of writing has hindered me a bit; focusing on the little things every writer is “supposed” to worry about.

This one was one of the those that was actually pretty good, though poorly written. Back when i wrote for fun, I made three good stories. The best one is lost forever, but now I have two of my better ones. The other one is hard to clean up, regardless how good it is, but this one I think I can polish it to the point it could make a damn decent book. And luckily for me–as far as I know–it’s actually original. It’s a detective story, but the happening within are not like any I’ve read… still, you never know.

That’s it for now. Just felt like sharing this little tidbit.

Happy Writing


Being Lazy Bites Me In the Ass

Well it would seem my procrastinating nature has screwed me over; namely, my email. I haven’t checked it in so long, AOL reset it, as though I just started one. Guess my silly ass better pay attention from now on, if I’m gonna pretend to be serious about this.

In other news, after a recent move, things are slowly settling down, but drama follows wherever I go. Had a brief relationship, but that just wasn’t in the cards. She was just too young and immature for me; the kind of thinking where you want a relationship, yet don’t want to be in one isn’t what I’d call a logical one.

There’s not much more than that. The story is coming slowly, but it’s coming. A huge drawback of depression is the lack of will to bother with anything and depression is something I’m in abundant supply. No worries; this isn’t a pity-poo post. Just a nod that, like every human, my life has its downs.

And back to the grind I go, while my mind can focus on the writing.

Good luck and happy writing, folks


Always An Uphill Struggle

God, I need to keep up with this more, but everything–as usual–is hectic. I understand persevering though hardship and all, but I could use a break. My writing’s been so intermittent and unfocused, it feels like it’s getting worse; like somehow I’m losing it.

For me, it’s a scary thing. There was a time I was a skilled artist; mostly comic-style drawing with the tiniest bit of dabbling in paints. Then I had that one big seizure and boom; gone almost overnight. My drawing ability became sloppy. I can see the image vividly in my imagination and I know the way it’s supposed to be done, but as soon as pencil touches paper, something gets mangled from my brain to my hand and I find myself trying to draw a hand or at least position the fingers properly.

We all have–even if it’s a tiny something–that make us happy. For some of us, if we lose it, we can find something else to replace it. For others, it’s not as simple; especially if that thing was an integral part of your life.

Well, I’m done bein’ a party pooper. Off to do some self-pitying and then try writing some more

Home Turf

As I work on my supernatural story, I’m using my city as the backdrop; giving me a slight leg-up on describing locations and some people I’ve based my characters on. King has been known to use the same method with his novels; so you know it’s a formula that works.

Caution should be used, however. While using people and places you know; you don’t wanna get hung up on them. If every other paragraph is giving the names of all the locations of your hometown, you’re gonna lose your readers real quick. You gotta keep the references to a minimum and don’t spend an entire page describing every little detail of “Gus’ Diner on the corner of King and Princess, where bar fights happen on a nightly basis and that your friend John had a chair broken over his head, when he went in to ask for directions, when his car broke down, while he was on a date with you sister who snuck out after your parents grounded her, because she got an F in English, after she spent too much time with her friends who keep her out all night…” While I doubt someone would write that sloppily, you can see how annoying it would get.

Go ahead and throw in some detail, but just enough for the reader to grasp the gist of the layout and the atmosphere within. In a few chapters, I’ve only used the name of the city, a high school and a local hospital; no need to overdo it.

That’s enough randomness, Happy writing and have a good one.


Update and other crap

Still plucking away as best I can. I try to focus on this current sci-fi tale, by taking all my other stories off my netbook and dedicate it solely to the story. In this endeavor, my brain is beyond fried, but I’m making headway.

I’ve been watching sci-fi flicks like mad; keeping my thoughts on the genre as much as possible. I even watch the bad ones. Even if it’s terrible, they can still give ya an idea or two. Just don’t ripoff of it; it was terrible for a reason.

My little tale has the small group motif: a leader, a second in command type, the brain and the wild card. Ya have to be careful with these, because you have to give enough time for each character; so ya gotta keep your group small. You don’t want fodder characters just for the sake of a team-kill; it’s not gonna have a big enough affect on the reader, if the only thing they know about the newly deceased is he was good with a gun and was about to retire. You also don’t want to just kill off a character for effect; it’s slightly predictable, but you also might wanna keep these characters around longer than just a one off.

Meanwhile, I believe I have carpal tunnel syndrome and holy fuck does it hurt. Fingers feel like week old celery and sound like snapping fresh celery. I think I’ve had it for years now; it’s only just recently gotten worse.

Alright, we’re good for now. Til later,

Happy Writing

Lunch With Lucy Revision

   I finally got around to revising The Devil and Me: My Lunch With Lucy. I was dragging my feet with this, because I’ve been hitting my other stories so hard. I made it… less campy? I polished a bunch of the lines, removed the unneeded ones and cleaned up the rough edges.

   I took out the segment with the Lucy and the cherry stem and added an Angel’s take on time; it should be for an interesting read. I know it may seem pointless–these little nuggets of knowledge Satan throws out there–but the stories aren’t just about John’s relationship with the Devil; they’re also looking at things from a different perspective (which in religion, there’s a lot you can make up).

   You can still reach it in the link to the right or the one in this post. Sorry for the changes, if you’ve bought my stories before the revisions; I’m still getting the hang of this. When the third story comes out, I’ll be sure to have it in good enough shape, it should need no revisions.

   Good night and happy writing